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We now have three new folders
:bulletred: Fantasy Art 1
:bulletblue: Realistic Art 1
:bulletyellow: Old Club Submissions

Old Club Submission are the works submitted to us before the group format change. We used to accept links by note and post them manually. As such, the submission is always "by: artofthepawandfang." We posted links to the original works in our submission, and kept the notes of request as proof of permission to host. However, as the old standard goes, do not FAVE any submission in the club's gallery. Always follow the link to the original work by the artist, and fave it there. :bulletorange: This gallery is an archive, and you can not submit to it. :bulletorange:

Realistic Art 1 The limitations of a group gallery is ballpark 4000 deviations. We were at 3000 and climbing. I was confronted by the inevitability of our FEATURED gallery filling to capacity. The FEATURED folder will be managed to keep the submissions to a manageable number. After a while, your submission will be moved here or to FANTASY. You may submit to the realistic art gallery directly, however your deviation will not be presented on our front page. The FEATURED gallery is the only gallery that front pages our most recently accepted submissions. :bulletgreen: The standard for realistic art is realism in anatomy and background.

Fantasy Art 1 Just like with REALISTIC, you may also submit your work here. It will not appear on the front page as only the FEATURED gallery has that ability. ALSO, the fantasy submission to FEATURED will be placed here after a while, to keep the FEATURED folder manageable.

All vaulted images were deleted. Our group admin controls did not allow us folder control over vaulted images. My only other option was to delete them. If you wish to resubmit them, your are more than welcome to.

Additional fantasy and realistic folders will be created as the need arises. For example at TheWolfPack we are already on FANTASY FOLDER 3.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: UPDATE 14 FEB 2011 :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

The ADVANCED FOLDER is now deleted. With the addition of the new folders, it became difficult to manage what would be considered advanced. We left it up to the artists and discovered that by and large it was not being used. We relocated all submissions to the appropriate other folders and removed it from our gallery.

As before, all deviations in vaults were deleted, though you may resubmit at any time.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: UPDATE 28 FEB 2011 :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Pending: New Contributor promotions for members most dedicated. See here for further very soon!

Do Take Care and Enjoy Spring!

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